Software Engineering & Information Systems Group @ University of Tartu

The Software Engineering & Information Systems Group at University of Tartu's Institute of Computer Science conducts research and teaching in the field of software and information systems engineering with an emphasis on data science methods for business process management and software process improvement.

In addition to implementing national and European research projects, the group is engaged in the Software Technology and Applications Competence Center - an industry-driven R&D that aims to develop next-generation solutions in the fields of data mining and software services.

The group is also responsible for the International Masters of Software Engineering and a number of software engineering courses at the undergraduate level.

We had two booths at the UniTartuCS Day 2023. The slides of the Software Analytics lab are here. We gave a presentation at the UT Alumni Day 2024 in Delta. The slides of the emerging Software Emgineering Analytics Group are here.

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There are too many things ongoing, so we stopped updating the "News" section beginning from 2021 ...

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