STACC: Cementing the Estonian Software Industry of Tomorrow


STACC is a newly established R&D center aimed at creating synergies between the Estonian IT academia and industry. The R&D activities of STACC are driven by business needs identified by its 10 partner companies. STACC's R&D is conducted by teams that combine researchers and engineers from academia and industry. The STACC R&D activities cover two main areas: Data Integration & Mining and Software & Services Engineering.

The first area aims at developing innovative techniques to analyse datasets created by modern operational databases (user behavior, logs, social networks, e-health systems). This area includes developing new privacy and security-enhanced modes for data sharing and analysis.

The second area aims at creating methods and tools for developing better and more adaptive user interfaces and maintaining large networks of software services in a cost-effective manner.


Jaak Vilo is Professor and Leader of the Data Mining and Bioinformatics group at University of Tartuís Institute of Computer Science. He is also strategic area leader for Data Integration and Mining at the Software Technology and Applications Competence Center. He received his PhD in computer science from University of Helsinki, Finland. He has worked at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK and later at EGeen Inc, creating data management and analysis solutions for the Estonian Biobank.