The Software Business Now and in the Future


This talk will discuss the fundamental characteristics of software and, in particular, how these characteristics differ from other technology domains and how they affect the nature of business. Furthermore, current and future trends in software business are discussed as well as the challenges they raise to entrepreneurs and researchers.


Dr. Jyrki Kontio is an independent consultant and entrepreneur specializing in software business and software capability development. Until 2007, Professor Kontio was heading the Software Business Laboratory at the Helsinki University of Technology. Prior to his university position, he spent 20 years in the software industry, including 15 years at Nokia Corporation.

Dr. Kontio's areas of expertise include software business strategies and business models, software capability development, risk management, and organizational leadership.

Dr. Kontio is actively involved in software research communities and has published extensively, internationally and nationally. He is a board member of several software companies and frequently provides consulting services to industry.

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