JRebel: From Problem to Idea to Product


In 2007 when the codename "Badger" project was born, everyone knew that Java development was slow, and nothing could be done about it. Today, JRebel is a successful commercial product with thousands of users worldwide that measurably saves our users hours of time every week.

In this talk we'll take a look at the development cycle of a typical Java EE project and particularly the turnaround time, that is, the time it takes to make a change in the code and see it in the running application. A valuable part of this time is usually consumed in building the project and deploying it to the server. JRebel eliminates both the build and the deploy phases in the Java EE development cycle, thereby allowing developers to focus on more productive tasks. We'll examine how JavaRebel achieves its objective and what it took us to create a fully-fledged commercial product from the initial prototype.


Jevgeni Kabanov is the founder and lead of [|ZeroTurnaround]] - a technology startup focused on creating tools for increasing software development productivity. Previously he was the R&D director of Webmedia Ltd., the largest custom software development company in the Baltics.

Jevgeni is a regular speaker at international conferences, including JavaPolis/Devoxx, JavaZone, JAOO, QCon, TSSJS, and JFokus. He also pursues research in the field of programming languages, publishing papers on topics ranging from category theory to typesafe Java DSLs.

Jevgeni is also co-founder of two open-source projects -- Aranea and Squill. Aranea is a web development and integration platform based on strong object-oriented principles. Squill is a typesafe internal DSL for constructing and executing SQL queries.

Jevgeni's personal blog can be found at