Innovative Companies and Cloud Computing


To maintain a competitive advantage through innovation, companies nowadays need to handle increasingly dynamic environments and increasingly rapid innovation cycles. Alternatives to maintaining an innovative inside of the company, are either to aquire external companies or their products and services. There is a clear risk and cost involved in all these senarios, but innovative companies of today cannot survive on one or a few innovations only. Cloud computing is an enabling tool, and as such it has many qualities addressing the needs of innovative companies, especially the possibility to do rapid and cost efficient prototyping and scaling. Flexibility is the key feature addressed in this talk illustrated with examples from the presenter's own experiences in startups and larger international companies.


Dr. Aake Edlund is Researcher and Project Leader at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He leads the Northern Europe Cloud Initiative (NEON) and is member of EU's expert group on cloud computing. Aake has a startup background, having participated in the foundation of six startups. Aake is the CEO of Pawn Promotion, a cloud strategy company.